Complete Testing, Monitoring and Management Solutions

Spirogyra Diversified Environmental Services offers comprehensive monitoring, sampling and testing to help you comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act, including Stage 1 and 2 Disinfectants/DBP Rule and LT 1 and 2 ESWTR compliance. In addition to full-service organic and inorganic chemical testing, we provide biological and limnological analyses and interpretation.

SDES uses advanced in situ techniques and sensors to directly monitor algal pigments and standard field environmental parameters, providing valuable real time information. Through chlorophyll measurement and microscopic algal population surveys, we provide accurate data about algal productivity. Assessments also include standard microbiological testing and content evaluations to detect toxins produced by blue-green algae.

Your utility can count on us for onsite training and quality control support for monitoring programs. We offer consultation in the areas of sample collection, microscopy, algal identification and enumeration, chlorophyll and phycocyanin analysis, jar testing for D/DBPR compliance, algal mitigation and toxicity identification evaluations.

Comprehensive services from SDES include:

  • Consulting and Data Analysis
  • Limnological Interpretation
  • Surface Water Monitoring, Sampling and Testing
  • Full-service Consulting
  • Stormwater Monitoring and Testing
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
  • Pond Management
  • Algal Analysis and Algal Analysis Accessories
  • Algal Aquaculture

Contact us today for water quality services that improve public health protection, ensure regulatory compliance and preserve a vital natural resource.